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Am Dram Star of the Week, Holly White

is the new chairperson of Wolverhampton Musical Comedy Company

02 Mar 2018

Taking on the leadership of a large amateur musical theatre group is a big responsibility. I know because I did just that back in 2003, so I admire our Am Dram Star of the Week, Holly White, the newly appointed chairperson of Wolverhampton Musical Comedy Company.


Holly comes from a family of am dram royalty in Wolverhampton. Singing and dancing from an early age, Holly followed in the footsteps of her Grandma, Olwen Rowley, former Chairperson of Muscom and her Mum Jan, who performed with the company and alongside Olwen, was co-owner of the local costume company, Stageworld.

I ask Holly what made her take on the job of chairperson: “Muscom had been through many changes and a new committee had formed, to seek younger, fresher input and face new challenges” she says. “My main approach is to include the company in the decisions on Muscom’s future. I want the company to be as much theirs as it is the committee’s.”


As the group is coming up to its 80th anniversary, Muscom will present a concert on March 15-17 at Colton Hills Community School, entitled Around the Musicals in 80 Years.

“Unfortunately in 2018 we could not perform at the Grand Theatre. Shows were few and far between, so the decision to perform a concert to celebrate our 80th year was made. The members were very pleased, as it not only gives everyone a chance to perform, but also the opportunity to be in numbers they may not have had chance to be in in the past,” she says.

“We are performing numbers from Cats, Spring Awakening, Matilda, Saturday Night Fever, Hamilton, Hairspray, Ghost and Holly’s personal favourite, Mack and Mabel.

“I just love Mack and Mabel. It is my all time favourite show! I love the story, the costumes, the music, everything! If I ever get to play Mabel Normand, I feel I may combust!

“We have a great mix of solos, duets, chorus numbers and big dance spectacles. The cast ranges from as young as five to more seasoned members returning to the stage to celebrate this huge milestone.”

Later in the year, Muscom will be performing the sensational musical by Lin Manuel Miranda, In the Heights.

The perfect vehicle for a young, vibrant company, this is the tale of,a young storeowner in the Washington Heights neighbourhood of Manhattan.



17 Mar 2017

The mid-week blues were well and truly given a shake-up as Wolverhampton Musical Comedy Company (MusCom) took to the Grand Theatre stage.

All Shook Up, inspired by the life of Elvis Presley, saw a cast of more than 30 singers, actors and dancers deliver a professional-standard production.

Stand-out performances by Zac Hollinshead as the lovable dental student Dennis, the West End-worthy vocals of Natalie played by Katie Astbury and the suave sophistication of Liam Sargeant as protagonist Chad meant this was a truly enjoyable show, getting the audience singing along and dancing in their seats from the opening number, Jailhouse Rock.

What the production did, more than anything was, surprise me. The tackling of topical issues relating to trans-sexuality and inter-racial relationships was an unexpected but welcome one - denoting how important amdram can be in widening audience's perspectives.

It was also a show full of real heart, with every cast member really giving it their all.

One notable performance was delivered in the cafe, with an unnamed blonde jumping on the table to deliver the performance arguably of the entire show - illustrating how impressive the vocals of this part-time theatrical group really are.


SHOW: Legally Blonde

12 Mar 2015

MUSCOM were given the honour of performing the British amateur premiere of “Legally Blonde” and boy did they make a good job of it!

It’s probably one of the best amateur performances that I’ve seen for while. Well done to everyone involved!
A sign of a good show is that it seemed to fly by and overhearing some of the amazing comments around me as people were leaving confirmed this.


It would be difficult to mention the entire principle cast here as there were so many, but each and every one of them gave solid all round performances. It was a joy to watch.
In the starring role was Katie Astbury (Elle) who was simply a star! She must have been exhausted by the end as she never leaves the stage and yet she managed to capture the character superbly, full of energy from start to finish with some very tricky dance routines with still enough breath to sing over a dozen songs throughout the show.


She was equally matched by Kimberley Robinson (Brooke), Pacale Rollings (Vivienne), Ty Harris (Warner) and the very experienced Chris Frost as “Callahan”.


Harry Golightly as Elle’s friend Paulette was pure comedy genius and very nearly stole the show as did Zac Hollinshead as the UPS guy “Kyle” and the hilarious Adam Starr (Carlos) as the disgruntled partner of court room witness “Nicos”.


The chorus lads and lassie’s provided great support to the main cast and must have been drilled to within an inch of their lives by the demanding Producer/Choreographer Denise Robinson as they ploughed through some wonderful dance routines.


Credit also to Matt Bird and the hard working stage crew who provided some very slick scene changes which kept the pace of the show alive together with the fabulous professional orchestra under the tight control of musical director Karl Babarczi.


My thanks also to the Front of House team for their hospitality which really did make this a most enjoyable evening.



12 Mar 2015

Being not only the first stage show I ever reviewed professionally, but also the only one I have done so in the trifecta of West End, touring and now amateur, Legally Blonde: The Musical holds a special place in my affections; my own sorority sister of musical theatre productions. From Sheridan Smith to Jennifer Ellison to Gareth Gates, and from the boards of London to the Midlands, I’ve seen it in just about every shape, form and incarnation possible. And what a joy to be able to laud Wolverhampton-based MUSCOM’s production, which also boasts being the UK amateur premiere, as just as infectious, feel-good and entertaining a romp as its professional predecessors.



16 Mar 2015

It was a special night for theatre, not just in the Midlands but for the entire UK as Wolverhampton Grand Theatre played host to Legally Blonde, writes Simon Stone.

Wolverhampton Musical Comedy Company presented the first ever amateur production of the musical, based on the 2001 film, starring Reese Witherspoon. The musical, known for its flamboyance, high-energy show routines and squeaky-voiced sorority girls however, isn’t all pink and fluffy – there is true heart and an important message behind it that focuses on overcoming pre-conceived ideas about appearance.

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